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May you find that if someone asks you who do you have the most personal, intimate relationship with, you readily think~Jesus! There is no excuse not to, He dwells within you because you have asked Him to be your Savior. God has amazingly designed our bodies to be able to converse with Him at anytime, so take full advantage of that! He delights in each moment that you speak to Him, or “look” to Him. And each moment of a day provides a unique opportunity for God to strengthen your relationship with Him, but it does require you to use your free-will choice to acknowledge Him and ask for that. He will teach you the countless, limitless ways He speaks back to you as He cleanses your spiritual ears to hear from Him which oft times does bypass your mind. Shame on you if you are not getting to know Him at a deeper level! No, you don’t have to change anything about yourself, you don’t have to do this or do that in order to be able to speak to Him. Because as your relationship develops with Him, He will cleanse you, He will work with you to help self-discipline yourself so that you may continue to mature in your relationship with Him. Let Him make the changes as He guides you because those are the only changes that will last, and only He knows what needs changing! Most times you will think that nothing is happening and then wham~you look at something completely different then how you used to, you reply to something in a completely different way, or you begin to speak with a boldness that you never had before. The changes are limitless and are all for the glory of God which becomes your greatest heart’s desire because you are truly living in Jesus. May you intimately experience Jesus today!