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Sometimes the best thing you can do…is just rest. Rest in Jesus. There is something so vital and amazing that happens when we inwardly look to Jesus and rest against Him while we intently block other things out from around us. When you take a full day, a half day, or even an hour and do nothing but rest in His presence, you will never be the same again. May you never be too busy, nor have too much “going on” that you cannot find the time to do this, nor “feel” guilty because you are doing this (the enemy trying to strike again). It is an amazing faith building step because you are simply telling Jesus, you know where the place is that you can find your rest, and you know who to go to for that rest~Him, your Provider for all things. What beautiful whispered words you will know, and what powerful rejuvenating energy you will receive that will actually lead you into getting more done in the future. Only Jesus, can truly give you what you need…so smile, and turn to Him~your Savior is waiting. May you have an amazing experience as your relationship with Him deepens even more each time you simply turn to Him and rest because He delights and craves this from you as well. Have a great rest…in Jesus!