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The real problem that we often experience is actually in our minds. That’s right! It is all in our heads! We think we need to do this, we think we need to learn more about this, we think we need to consider this, we think we need to ponder this, we think we need to ask this, we think in order to be able to better plan ahead we need to… And that, in and of itself, is the real problem most times~we think! I know, rationally speaking we think on what we need to think on to go about our corruptible and limited daily lives, only so we can continue on into maturity and a false sense of security. Then we are astounded because at every turn we see that nothing truly is predictable, and that surprises seem to be waiting for us at every crack, turn, corner, or bump in the road. Then we strangely think, how can simply thinking on one thing see us through everything? Well, you see, our Beloved Creator challenges us to do just that~think on Jesus, so that we may experience victory in our daily lives that carries us through for an eternity, so we can continue on maturing through Him while He secures us more fully by His Holy Spirit. That’s right, all our focus has to be on is one Being~Jesus. We will then be immersed in Him and we will be more prepared, better equipped, and peacefully dwelling in victory before a crisis can even be experienced. You may still think you are surprised, but then the Holy Spirit will tenderly reveal the steps He had specifically orchestrated for your life to securely see you through what you are experiencing. Then He smiles, and powerfully reveals that Jesus isn’t simply one thing, but everything! Rest in Jesus, and think only on Him…Shabbat Shalom!