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Hardships of all kinds, sicknesses, problems, unfamiliar and familiar issues, combativeness, stubbornness, spitefulness, and unmindful situations and circumstances surround us and make up the atmosphere in this sinful world that is increasingly getting farther from God. Sure, they may speak more about God, or their version of who He is, however, just like what is stated in Exodus and Revelations the world continues to get farther from God. This will continue to happen until the beautiful, glorious coming of Christ (which is near) happens. Think about it, people’s lives, their decisions, their successes, and everything else are “theirs.” So is it no wonder that nature is responding badly each year, and increasing in devastation and “crying out to God,” as stated in Revelations that it would? It is all consequences of our free-will choices going haywire and putting our world and ourselves into situations that only Jesus can correct, heal, and turn over for the glory of God. So instead of wondering “where is God,” blaming God, and thinking that situations or circumstances in life are predictable (when it is for your “benefit,” but yet unpredictable when you can’t explain it), may you choose to correctly look at it as representing a personal and intimate reminder to you that God, alone, maintains and sustains your life. You may be furious or heartbroken that you, or a loved one, have to live with a chronic illness, or with chronic situations that are horrible, however, is it not a miracle that your inward strength increases, your praises become louder and more passionate, and you find yourself having to turn first to Jesus each day in order to be able to simply breathe, move forward in hope, and dwell in His everlasting, indescribable peace? Although you may have to live with the illnesses, problems, or negative situations, praise Jesus that you don’t have to live in them because you are freely choosing to actively and victoriously live in Jesus!