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When things seem too overwhelming, when you are restless, unsure, or confused, when you do not know what to do to still and calm your mind or situations around you, or when everything seems to be relentlessly hammering at you, and the continuous shifting and hectic busyness of your immediate world around you won’t settle, instead of downing everyone or everything around you may you instead find yourself immediately turning to Jesus and looking to Him to correct it all. This turning, and waiting is actually an amazing building step in faith and the Holy Spirit needs you to do that. What a glorious response, what a correct response, and may you realize that is the only victorious response because the healing that takes place will be above, beyond, and more than anything you could have ever thought of. Jesus is so thorough and He doesn’t just heal that feeling, but He will actually then instill in you a knowledge of Himself that will strengthen your confidence in Him, and He will also bring you to a place mentally where you can easily rise above the issues and see yourself as the overcomer God wants you to be. You then can stand tall, and firm in Him as He turns you back to the world around you and pulls you to move forward, following Him as He leads you through the decision makings, and teaches you how to truly live in Him while He goes before you and smooths your way. We will be affected by a limited world, but we will also overcome it by limitless ways when we first turn to Jesus for help. Shabbat Shalom!