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When you are following someone, especially while you are in an environment that you are not sure of, your focus on them is intense, and pretty much only on the person you are following because you do not want to lose your way. If your “leader” stops and points something out to you, yes you will notice that and listen to what they want to tell you, but when they begin again, you intently follow. The Bible tells us over and over again to follow Jesus, why would we think our focus on Him should be any different? Do we wrongfully think that “Okay, He is within us so we just use our instincts, go forward and if it is for the ‘good’ then it is correct?” No wonder why we fall, and experience above and beyond heartache, failure, discouragement, and we are shaken and rattled to the core doubting all things, and can’t believe that God wants more for us. We really don’t know what “good” is. Only God is “good.” Our focus on Jesus should be even more intense because our spiritual eyes and ears must be exercised and used; and that is something that we aren’t “born” knowing, and is another reason why we must be “born again.” God wants to spiritually re-raise us: as we become independent of our parents we should be growing more dependent on God. We fool ourselves into thinking that we know what goes on around us, that we know the environment in which we live. We don’t. What we physically see is only a cover of what is really going on. A spiritual battle wages and only Jesus can properly prepare us, fortify us, nourish us, and lead us. Another beautiful reason why God wants us to experience Him, and not just read about Him. You are more sensitive to things when you experience them. That is why we shouldn’t complain when we experience rough circumstances or situations, but instead continue to look to Jesus as we go through them, intently learning what the Holy Spirit is teaching us and continue to only walk behind Him. Our experiences may become the arrow that points someone we encounter on our path back to where they need to be~towards Jesus.