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If you don’t find yourself talking to Jesus, or expecting Him to respond to you then how will you be able to get to know and learn His voice? God loves us so much that He doesn’t allow it to just happen. There is a process, similar to how we learned our friends, family members, children, and spouse’s voices, we became more familiar with them, we established a relationship with them. Our relationship with Jesus is not supposed to be one-sided, He lovingly wants us to get to know Him in ways that are beyond our limited mindset, and He wants us to experience Him in ways that we never thought possible. But as in the other relationships, it takes time: invested time, sacrificial time, free-will time that you freely choose to spend with Jesus. And not just time reading your Bible, this is extra time just personally talking to Him, and waiting for Him to respond. His responses, and the way in which He speaks are limitless and will be specially unique to you, and He will make sure you know that it is Him. You will also begin to notice the benefits of doing this that you may never have thought about: you are more calm, at peace, you have more patience, there is a joy that is within you that is more noticeable, as in all the ways of God, these, too, will be limitless. Then after a time, you will discover that you are not “leaving” Jesus after your special alone time with Him, you are actually just moving on with Him to do other things and pretty soon you will find yourself always speaking with Him, waiting on His responses when your friends ask you something, or when a decision needs to be made, etc. What is happening is you are beginning to pray without ceasing and to truly live in Jesus. Just because He is within you doesn’t mean you are living in Him, that is a deeper stage of your relationship with Him that you must freely choose to get to by allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you into developing that type of relationship with Him.