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Jesus passionately desires to be your everything, and God is so thorough and so exact in His raising of you, that He will allow your life to come to various stages where you will have to freely choose whether or not to have Jesus as Lord of your life in those areas. Your path will sometimes need to cross over the gaps, step over the rocks, walk on shaky ground, swim through the storms, climb the mountains, or reach crossroads, but that is the only way you will truly learn, deeply know, and spiritually see what it is like to truly live. He loves us that much! One of the areas that will see this deep and thorough cleansing is when you freely choose to allow Jesus to become your Provider, your Jehovah Jireh. Wherever you are in your relationship with Jesus, from it being your first choice in making Him your Provider, during the process, or a strengthening or building of confidence in this area, it will most times happen when you find yourself at a place that there is no one you can turn to for comfort, help, support, or when you’re not able to foresee the path through the heartache, uncertainty, pain, frustration, issues, or problems. Your response should always be to stop, look to Jesus and refuse to look away, or take another step, until He guides you over the deep gaps, the big rocks, the shaky ground, through the treacherous waters, up the mountains, or towards the turns. The Holy Spirit will then be able to clear your vision and show you just how Jesus receives extraordinary results through ordinary means…and that is victoriously living in Jesus!