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Selflessly and freely choosing to worship and obey God intimately teaches you that God is truly greater than all things, and diminishes the negative experiences you are going through, knowing that God will successfully bring you through and into His victory, in His perfect time. He is the Great I Am, your Abba! Of course the enemy does not want you to be aware of that, he does not want you to be aware of the strongly vital truthful need that you have in worshiping or obeying God. God wants you to want Him above all things, He wants a deep relationship with you and so it is a free-will choice. When hopelessness, problems, uncertainty, pain of all kinds, and heartaches happen, there is no “natural” desire within you to want to turn to God and worship Him because you look, feel, and experience something that is so strong and louder than your spirit crying out to Him. You are “naturally” more aware of your mind than your spirit, and to fully worship God you must worship Him in spirit and in truth by freely choosing to and looking to Jesus to establish that relationship. Job is one Biblical gentleman that experienced immeasurable, untold emotional and physical tragedies and God allowed that for a reason, He wanted to bring Job into a deeper relationship with Him. Remember this happened in the Bible where Jesus was concealed, and not yet fully revealed, and there is so many vital truths to be learned. What was the first thing the enemy took from Job? His ability to perform sacrifices in obedience and worship to God. What did Job intimately and personally learn through all that happened in his life? God is still above, beyond, and greater than ALL things we experience and go through while on earth. Job went from first knowing of God and fully obeying Him, to deeply knowing Him, and experiencing Him at a deeper level. A level that is rationally unheard of. Job also learned that in obedience and worship to God we are not limited to the limits of this earthly world. Jesus is the ultimate blood sacrifice, but if you selfishly only worship God for yourself, or obey Him for yourself, you are sadly proclaiming that you don’t need Jesus, and you are dismissing the Great I Am! Worshiping and obeying God puts you in a position to be able to receive from Him, and receive His perfect love. And as the Bible reminds us, “perfect love casts out all fear.” You cannot effectively worship or obey God for yourself, that will only block you from God. So take your freewill choice and continue to worship and obey God simply because of who He is, so that the Holy Spirit can continue to firmly keep you on your path in Jesus…Limitless living is living in Jesus!