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May you discover at all levels of negative thoughts or experiences, be it very briefly, or overpowering, that only Jesus can heal your thoughts, heal your ways, strengthen you, refresh you, rejuvenate you, and calm your mind. However, you must first realize that He can only do that when you self-discipline your mind to think only on Him, and freely choose to deepen your relationship with Him. So do not dwell in your wrongful thoughts, nor negative effects of someone else’s wrongdoings, instead look to Him, rest in His presence, and wait. A healing beyond our limited minds will shatter impossibilities and keep us firmly dwelling in His limitless presence. And upon waiting on Him, His loving overpowering presence will manifest itself to us in ways that we could never imagine, but will become familiar with, as the Holy Spirit reveals His presence to us even more. Do you realize that by doing so you will also take needless burdens off of others, it will keep your focus and hope firmly anchored on where it needs to be regardless of the storm, and it will bring you to a place where you can wholly and completely help others by His strength and His power because they can readily see that you are dwelling in limitless hope, limitless power, limitless strength, limitless possibilities, limitless and unconditional love, and you are dwelling where God, Himself, is~you are dwelling in Jesus. So may you boldly choose to not dwell in negative experiences, nor negative remembrances, nor negative thoughts, choose to actively dwell in Jesus so that He can heal the effects of them, and may today be a day that overshadows all other days as He becomes the One that you will always first turn to.