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The enemy is trying to steal from God His most prized creation, us. He doesn’t want God to be able to fully enjoy His relationship with us, especially on earth where darkness prevails. Once you accept Jesus as your Savior, you are eternally protected, but guess what? The devil still wants to try to sharply wound and hurt God so he tries to do all he can to keep you lost, and not allow you to get to know God, fully knowing that only God can see you through the darkness. Who hung the sun and moon? Our Creator, our God. A lot of the enemy’s plans happen through very subtle ways. Everything around us, all things negative, even things that appear good, are vying for our attention trying to distract us from spending quality alone time with Jesus, and seeing the need in that. Alone time with Him is crucial in developing an intimate relationship with Him so that He can guide us. God’s ways are not our ways, He is limitless, and He is aware of what the enemy has planned, but He has something even greater for us in mind, so as we dwell in this limited world, we are experiencing the attacks of fear, anxiety, uncertainty, hardships, heartaches, and the seemingly endless list of negativity goes on. You can’t fully experience the miracles if there is no need for miracles, you can’t fully know the need of a perfect Savior if you are not aware of your imperfections, and you can’t fully experience God’s greatness if you don’t experience those things not of God. And although we may never fully understand it, we can realize at the most basic level that we are living in blindness when we aren’t living in God. The more you actively choose Jesus over your distractions by self-discipline, the more the Holy Spirit is able to cleanse and develop within you a sharper awareness of Him, and the more your relationship with Him will deepen, and the more you will see the distractions for the ploy that they are, and the more you will be aware of Jesus and His complete victory, than all negativity around you~and that in, and of itself, is miraculously dwelling in light while we physically dwell in darkness.