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Words are valuable, and words are strong. Pay attention to what you are saying. There is a sharp difference between having confidence in yourself, and having confidence within yourself. When you have confidence in yourself, you are relying on yourself and you are looking to yourself to provide the answers and the ways to make something happen that you either need, or want. And living like that will actually begin to welcome in discouragement because we will find ourselves in situations that will clearly show and remind us that we don’t really know ourselves, and that “we aren’t perfect.” And our natural response? Defensiveness. Because that knowledge becomes a sharp thorn in our flesh and mental self-worth, which then stems the flow of being able to receive the beautiful reality of deeply knowing that truth. The truth that “we aren’t perfect,” is actually a beautiful truth to realize and deeply know because it helps us to self-discipline ourselves to let go of all things and cling only to Jesus so that He may successfully lead us through this world. Don’t ever rely on yourself. Instead, personally respond by praising Jesus for cleansing you of your imperfections, and personally decide to refuse to allow anything to disconnect you from your Source for all things, your Abba. Each and every situation has depths to them that we can’t even begin to understand, but when you actively acknowledge Jesus and allow Him to cleanse and position you to receive more from Him, the Holy Spirit will then begin to instruct you from within and build confidence within you, confidence not in yourself, but in your Great I Am. And as time goes by you will find that you’re relying more and more on Him, which is the only way to truly live because His breath is your breath, His strength is your strength and His peace is your peace. May the Lord show you the strengthening opportunity of each moment in a day because there is amazing power and divine confidence filling you that will determinedly shatter all things stemming you from living in victory when you are fully aware of your inward connection to the Great I Am!