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We are Christians, we follow Jesus. But you have to continuously acknowledge someone in order to follow them. Journeying into a new day brings you into endless circumstances and situations that will purposefully try to block you from being able to fully receive God’s love, comfort, strength, and endurance, but making the right free-will choice will victoriously see you through it. Choose Jesus and His truth, over your negative thoughts or opinions; choose to inwardly open your ears to hear Jesus’ whispering words of encouragement instead of what is negatively battling against you and filtering into your mind; listen intently to what the Holy Spirit is trying to remind you of, that you are a child of the Most High God, over the need to look to other people and gain their confirmations and acceptances; choose Jesus’ joy that knows no bounds instead of trying to get some happiness to dwell in; choose to ask Jesus what you should do, even in the smallest task of what you should eat and drink instead of going with whatever you want. Only Jesus can truly establish in your life His joy, which goes way beyond happiness and is not reliant on any circumstances nor situations, and His peace, which is indescribable. But that can only be established when you first choose Him. We wrongfully choose to spend so much time learning how to work new gadgets and things that will make our lives run smoother, but think that everything from God in our lives should just be automatic, not willing to spend the necessary time needed to develop our relationship with Him so that He can build faith and trust in Him, in us. Moments can be major building steps of faith and confidence in our lives that will allow us to look above all negative situations and see the victory before us when we actively first choose Jesus and make it that we can only take the next step because He holds our hand and helps us to.