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Actively living in the Lord’s presence is living every day as you inwardly, and actively speak, think, and even inwardly prepare yourself to hear when the Lord speaks to you. That is fellow-shipping and developing a deeper relationship with Jesus, and “living in Jesus,” where He is actively involved in every area of your life. Each moment in a day can become amazing opportunities to overcome hard things in your life, but you do have to freely choose to first turn to Jesus. One thing in my life was fear, I had no idea I was afraid of death and it actually took 7 years until I was fully cleansed from that. Well, how did this happen? Wow~an in-depth cleansing and rebuilding within me by Jesus through the Holy Spirit: day by day. My Protection Series book #4 Grasping Protection in the Face of Fear actually explains how I overcame that (a hidden testimony within the Christian romance novel). I only focused on Jesus when the spirit of fear would strike, or when circumstances or situations tried to overwhelm me; through each new trial and situation I was further cleansed as I turned first to Jesus within and His faith was more firmly built within me. Now, this past August an amazing thing happened to me. I am deathly allergic to bees and I got stung. So I shot myself with an epi-pen and worshiped Jesus while my husband raced us to the ER. One epi-pen only lasts me 10-15 min, so by the time I was seen I was in a full blown asthma attack, and two more epi-pens later, strong dose of steroids, strong dose of antihistamine, strong dose of benadryl and some other things along with being hooked up to the vital monitors, the anaphylaxis finally ended. While the nurse was explaining to my husband that we had better call for an ambulance to meet us if we were too far from the hospital because one bee sting would kill me if I didn’t make it in time, the Holy Spirit nudged me. So I immediately turned to Him and He reminded me of the moment that I had just gotten stung, and said, “Did you notice, the spirit of fear didn’t even attack. I would not allow it to.” It was the first time in my life that it didn’t attack! Amazement filled me as He continued to reveal to me how inwardly I had been feeling the whole time: calm with a deep abiding peace. I inwardly praised Jesus so loudly! I am not saying this to validate myself, but just to share a testimony in how living moment by moment in Jesus will lead you to phenomenal, supernatural victories if you stay the course! That’s how the Lord wants us to live, and that is the only way to truly live~by Living in Jesus!