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Storms rage all around you, there is no more light, nor hope that you can physically see nor outwardly experience, as you intently try to look ahead and not look back, nor let your feet shift. Problem after problem, or even just a new small or large problem slams against you. Uncertain circumstances, or situations, or questions surface, but there is something different that wasn’t there before. You close your eyes and inwardly open them back up as you focus only on Jesus, you pray that the Holy Spirit will rise up within you, and as your focus becomes intense, you can actually feel the anchoring strength of God’s love deeply within you. ‘Trust Jesus,’ softly spoken, but powerfully expressed filters into your mind. You freely choose to obey and do just that, but your mind battles against it and tells you that you need to do this, do that, look at this, look at that, talk to this person or with that one; but knowing God is greater than your mind you refuse those thoughts and battle them with the Word of God as the Holy Spirit guides you to read the Bible. You continue to firmly stand on God’s Holy Word and only victory is now acceptable with you! Minutes, hours, or days later there is a sudden calmness. Joy is loudly present all around you, with divine peacefulness that is not subject to your circumstances. Your inner turmoil is quiet, and your physical life is reaping those rewards. Then the Holy Spirit tenderly reminds you of what He just brought you through. The strength of your smile, nor delight can’t be contained in this limited world because within you there is actively a strength of confidence, faith, and awareness in Jesus that is beyond anything you could have ever imagined. As you feed on God’s love for you, you realize that you would again go through anything needed to see that His divine faith, confidence, and strength continues to be strengthened within you. You victoriously dwell with the One that victoriously conquered all things not of God; and by His help you have anchored yourself to Him and have waited out the storm. Rejoice and have a wonderful day living in Jesus!