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God’s love is so limitless and powerful, and is filled with such depth of strength, healing, firmness, forgiveness, wholeness, and more soul-shattering depths of expression~it takes the Holy Spirit balancing you in order for you to be able to experience even a measure of it while living in these limited bodies. In the times of old, in order to experience God, you had to go to the Tabernacle. Now, through Jesus, and His perfect completeness as being our Sacrificial Lamb, Who has whispered to us, ‘Draw near to me, and I will draw near to you,’ we are able to by simply speaking to Him within. What Love! God’s love, isn’t always the feel good, great sounding love we often associate with love. His is remarkably, and undeniably beyond that type of weak love we experience while on earth. His is a powerful love that overshadows all doubt, all things not of Him, His love will severely pierce and maim those that do not love Him, His love will also call His rebellious children to come for repentance so that they can fully experience Him, which is His greatest desire. His love will also fiercely heal and further connect with Him, those that do passionately love Him. He does this with His cleansing strength as He comforts us while His Holy Spirit keeps us turned towards the direction we need to face~the cross~Jesus! The perfect Sacrificial Lamb that covers us with His thick, passionately flowing blood that has the power to cleanse all things in our lives that are not in alignment with God. And His powerfully, divine love is focused all on you!

Twitter: (@AndieRenee_com): God’s powerful love precisely secures you because you are turned to Jesus and are covered in His cleansing, sacrificial flow.