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Your relationship has deepened in Jesus so by now you may have experienced the sharp difference in His words as opposed to others when you are at a place that you need encouragement, or even just a kind word. When someone tells you something positive it is really nice and it can bring instant relief and quick healing to you, but when they tell you something and you can readily tell that it was the Lord that led them to say those words, then there is a certain power behind those words even more so and the effects can be so great. But what happens when those avenues remain quiet and your inner turmoil and struggle is still so real and present? That is when the Holy Spirit will remind you the importance of having a stronger relationship with Jesus, Who is the only One that can promise to never leave you, nor forsake you. So you disconnect from the world around you and privately go to Jesus. It may even be when you lay down at night. You look at Him as He holds you and you may even agonizingly whisper “Heal me Jesus, talk to me, tell me what I need to hear to heal my wound.” As your mind completely focuses on His presence, He may start talking, or He may wait until your soul is at its most vulnerable, while you are asleep, or He may gift you with a dream, or you may even deeply hear what you need the moment you wake up. Whichever the case, God is limitless, His healing is limitless and refuse to let go of Him until He provides for you. That just might be what He wants to build within you, a fierce determination to receive from Him. Whichever the case, you will find that His words and what He says provides a wonderful, long-term relief that will unknowingly build His divine faith and confidence within you because you freely choose to turn to Him. And then you will be able to rejoice over the arrows that provided that wound because if they hadn’t, then you never would have been able to experience Jesus’ healing words filled with faith and confidence in Him!

Twitter (@AndieRenee_com): Jesus’ words are long-term healing and are filled with a gift of faith and confidence in Him; may you hear Him.