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Our relationship with Jesus is so very unique and different, there are no two relationships the same and because of that there are different levels that we are taken through. That doesn’t mean that one is greater than the other, or above the other, it is a clear example of how God is limitless and His ways are limitless. You should never look to others to compare, nor figure out your own relationship to Him. You can only ever look to Jesus. Have you ever offended someone and hadn’t meant to? Well, it is so prevalent nowadays and what we need to realize is that what may be good advice or news for some, isn’t always good for others, but there again that is another prime example of why we must develop a deep relationship with Jesus because only He can truly nourish you and feed you at the place where you are at in Him, and only the Holy Spirit can balance you. And when you actively look to Him for all things, you put yourself into a position where you are able to hear more from Jesus, because you are more aware of Him. What He may have you tell one person, He may have you hold back with another. What comes from your actions or mouths could trip up another believer, but then again, He may have you reveal to them things that they can’t yet accept, and they may lash out at you, but then they will eventually go to Him for the revelation, which may just set them free. Again, it is another testament to why we must cultivate a relationship with Jesus above all others. Wow, God truly is limitless and He will heal the offense, and reveal the truth as they turn to Him, so may you choose to obey God in your life, regardless of the repercussions or consequences because that is the only way to truly live in Jesus’ victory and firmly stay behind God’s shield of protection! Have a wonderful day obeying the Lord as He draws you ever so closer to Himself.

Twitter (@AndieRenee_com): Want God above all else, then your obedience to Him will take precedent in your life & will keep you firmly behind Jesus.