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God is greater than all things! If you do not spend time with the Lord, nor cultivate your relationship with Him, nor strive to hear Him above the “noise” in society, or what is around you, you will easily forget the fundamental, valuable truth that God is greater than all things. God encourages us to worship Him, not because He needs to hear our praises, but one of the many reasons is because when we worship Him it puts everything into perspective and He becomes an amazing presence in our lives. Another valuable reason is because we then “line” ourselves up to receive from Him, and the Holy Spirit will maintain our focus on Jesus while He feeds us the spiritual nourishment we desperately need and we learn a valuable truth~God does want to be an active part of our lives, He does want us well (in all areas), and He does want to reveal to us that the importance of life is our relationship with Him, which will go on for an eternity and although these bodies are corruptible and deteriorate, we do not! He also gives us amazing truths on how to really take care of these bodies that house our souls. So before you start feeding off everything in the news or everything else being talked about in society~Go to God and see what He says, open up His Holy Word and see more amazing testimonies. God is greater than all things!

Twitter (@AndieRenee_com): God is greater than all things~May your worship to Him be sweet and powerful, which will magnify His presence in your life!