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There is one thing that is so valuable and super powerful if you freely allow the Holy Spirit to strengthen you to do, and that is to only want to know what God wants you to know. The basis for this type of radical living? Believing what the Lord tells you over anyone else; believing what the Bible says over anything else, and to only let the Holy Spirit lead you into all truth and knowledge. There may be things happening around you that will trip you up if you learn of them, so what do you do? No, you don’t live in a box, but you radically live and look to the Lord and decide that if you have a need to know about that then He will show you and teach you what you need to know. If not, you will not look at it, nor learn from it; this also will combat all gossiping. Why is this type of life so powerful? Well, you will have the strength to tell someone some hard, fresh meat of truth that will radically break barriers in their lives, and you will say things at the perfect time because God leads you. While in the flesh it may seem like the wrong time to say something, it can be the perfect time spiritually. You have to learn to trust Jesus over what you physically see because what may be good for one person will trip someone else up because their journey is different and the Lord is bringing them through a different time or stage. And that is another crucial reason why you should live like this because only Jesus truly knows what you have need of. This type of living is also majorly dependent on your free-will choice to spend quality alone time with Jesus. May you have a wonderful time with Him~Shabbat Shalom!

Twitter (@AndieRenee_com): Don’t look to the world for sustenance, look only at Jesus & you will deeply know what you need to know