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Complaining does quench the spirit and can stop a lot of learning, and maturing in Jesus. I am sure that you can readily see the truth in that because when you are around someone that complains a lot, you, yourself, can feel down, which then tries to turn your focus from Jesus to how bad you feel, or on the problem. Yes, we do have many issues and things we go through, but what do you expect when we live in a world full of free-will choices? However, most times we are the instigators and controllers behind our own issues and problems, but the beautiful thing in all of that is that Jesus is right there within us ready to heal those thoughts, ways, or actions, and teach us how to not get ourselves into those same situations the next time, or gives us strength and knowledge to help those that we are around that complain a lot. Which include turning to Him first at the beginning of each day, then before we see or talk to anyone else, and turn to Him when decisions need to be made and although you may not know the answers right away that is fine because God just might want to establish within you a divine patience to wait on Him so that you can deeply know that God’s timing is perfect! A situation that produces complaining just might be a situation you currently need to be in so that the Holy Spirit can build a unique trust and confidence in Jesus within you that is needed in your next problem that you encounter. So instead of complaining, use your free-will choice to rejoice!

Twitter (@AndieRenee_com): Before you complain look to Jesus & use your free-will choice to rejoice! He knows what you have need of & He can provide it!