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We cannot please everyone, and some days it seems we cannot even please one person, especially ourselves, but do you even realize how much of a blessing that actually is to experience? Our Heavenly Father, our Abba, is amazing and is the Creator of all things and we please Him simply by looking to Jesus for all things. As long as our heart strongly desires Him, and we stay in the process of self-disciplining our minds and actions to always look to Jesus first, we please God above and beyond anything we could ever imagine and then Psalm 147:11 takes deep root within us~’The Lord taketh pleasure in them that fear (worship;reverence) Him, in those that hope in His mercy.’ All things come from the Father through His son, so when we are always turned to Jesus we are opening ourselves up to fully receive from God. You must remember that people are fickle, yes, I said it! We surely can be: we can like a person one minute and not like them the next, but God is constant and is greater than all things and He is way above all of that petty nonsense. So all that should matter to you is that you turn to Jesus and allow Him to develop a deep relationship with you because only He can turn your circumstances around, heal your ways, heal your thoughts, heal your relationships, and heal all things not of God as the Holy Spirit molds you even more into Him. We are not perfect and praise Jesus we never will be because we know that only God is good! So smile and rejoice and rise above your circumstances by turning to Jesus and rely solely on Him for all things because you know it pleases your Abba!

Twitter (@AndieRenee_com):  Turn to Jesus for all things because it does, indeed, please your Abba (Heavenly Father) and that is all that truly matters!