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Whatever you hold back from Jesus in your life can become a barrier that is solidly built and can greatly interfere and can drastically change your life into becoming one big stumbling block to yourself and others while you don’t even see it because you need the Holy Spirit to show you, and to do that you must be more aware of Him. Oh, stop self-condemning yourself, Jesus doesn’t want you to do that because no, we aren’t perfect, nor will we ever be, but He is. Jesus wants to bring wholeness to you, where you are weak He wants to be your strength, where you are unsure He wants to be your surety, where you are unloved He wants to provide you with His pure love, where you are shaky He wants to provide you with stability. But in order to fully live in Jesus you must be willing to freely choose to make Him Lord of your life in all areas. And the amazing thing is that you were lovingly created to be able to do just that, and to not do that you are actually just “settling” or “surviving,” and not at all truly living. God is good, and through our sinful natures we must be thoroughly cleansed and molded daily to the form He has originally desired us to become since the beginning of time. However, this is the amazing part, God loves us so much that He experiences long-suffering as He intently watches us go through this painful, but so rewarding process. It is in the process that we truly get to know Him and can readily see the deep earth-shattering love He has for us. It is in the process that we truly learn what it means to choose life over death: Jesus’ way over our way. Draw near to God and allow Jesus to be Lord of your complete life so He can continuously gift you with an awareness of His presence!