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The Indwelling Divine Line SeriesSome of you may recognize the name of the series, it was mentioned in the latest Protection Series #6 Behind the Shield of Protection book, as a novel that had been written. But again, each novel will stand alone and you will not have to read the Protection Series in order to understand this one, but that doesn’t mean you won’t recognize a few people…

The Indwelling Divine Line Series~Coming sometime in 2015!

This new series reveals a secret Prayer Warrior society~A society uniquely designed by our limitless, long-suffering, loving Abba (Heavenly Father) specifically placing some of His precious children into precise circumstances, which have allowed them to partake in unimaginable hardships so that they will personally see the need to withdraw from following society and instead follow Jesus, draw closer to Him and hear His voice.  Each of them have found that doing so is the only way to truly live, for the Holy Spirit is the very breath they breathe, and they cannot continue without Him because He alone balances their lives.  These unique children have sacrificed, and continuously sacrifice by putting Jesus first in their lives in all things.  They boldly, intently, and freely choose to see Jesus before they see anything else and they have found themselves becoming bound with others through prayer.  While using the modern day technology of social networking and research, all for the glory of God as the Holy Spirit leads them, they intimately discover that God truly is limitless and is in all of the tiny details of His children’s lives.  Astoundingly, God is personally making their society grow as He deeply establishes His earth-shattering love into His specific chosen children that He would like to place in this particular assignment.

As you delve into their personal lives and intimately experience their hardships, and their own struggles they spiritually battle within themselves, including love and separation, you will see the preciousness of allowing the Holy Spirit to establish John 14:23 into your own life because that is an overcomer’s life, and that is living in Jesus.

Book #1~ The Shining Light Above the Embers.