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When you can’t understand something that is happening in your life, what do you do? The only thing you can do…turn to Jesus, rest in His arms and wait. Concentrate solely on Him as you go about your day and into the evening letting Him heal your thoughts. Also freely choose to speak with Him telling Him that only He can heal your thoughts, still your mind, and clarify whatever you need clarifying so you will wait on Him. You then see that He turns your focus to what needs done in the day, and you find yourself praising Him even more to others, you may even find yourself working on a project that He has led you to, or praying for someone. Nevertheless, you continue on as He leads you. Then in your quiet time you find that you are still waiting for what you didn’t understand, you look to Him and continue to wait, He holds onto you tighter, “You couldn’t understand, it would cause you to stumble so I will not ever throw that stone in your path. Abba’s ways are limitless.” He lovingly smiles and adds, “Continue to rest and know that Abba loves you more than anyone else ever could.” A Divine peace fills you and you are satisfied, you got your answer. However, had you not turned to Him? You would have been freely choosing to search in the dark without your light and that does not lead to victory, that only leads to more obstacles that you could stumble on. Praise Jesus~always turn to Him.

Twitter: (@AndieRenee_com): When you don’t understand something in your life freely choose to turn to Jesus, don’t search in the dark without your Light.