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Making your relationship with Jesus a priority in your life leads you to being able to fully yield yourself to your Heavenly Father, which is so important, especially in this day and age where offenses are running rampant. When you allow Him to fully cleanse you of your own stubbornness, defensiveness, only wanting to see things your way, always questioning, being easily offended, (and all other things that get in the way), you are freely choosing Him to radically change your life for the glory of God. And over time, you will become more fully yielded to Him, which then allows Him to more effectively lead you, thereby allowing your relationship with Him to amazingly deepen to levels that you never thought possible because you begin to fully rely on Him for all things, up to and including the very breath you breathe. You will also be able to learn so much more from the Holy Spirit and will be able to actually see how God designed Him to intimately work in your life as He molds you, prepares you, and teaches you while earnestly keeping your focus on Jesus. As you have devoted your time to your relationship with Jesus you will then see the affect it has in your dealings with others, be it your children, your husband, your wife, your friends, etc, because you are able to lessen your reliance on them, you are able to ease the burdens they may be unknowingly putting on your life, you are able to be healed by Jesus when they unknowingly, or knowingly hurt you and you are able to fully let it go, you are able to receive and give unconditional love when they are unable to give it, you are able to be fully whole and not needing their approval, and you are also able to receive the blessings and love they are trying to give you. Remember, only Jesus can properly provide the healing that is ofttimes needed in relationships with others so instead of devoting all of your time to those relationships, continue to put Jesus first so that you can see His miraculous, healing presence be manifested more fully in all of the others, which then continues to lead them right to their Savior!