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Do you even realize that there is something we do everyday that can become a major stumbling block in our lives? It is in our minds, in our thoughts, we build up a false perception that we know what we need, we know what we think, we know ourselves, we know what we need to hear, think or speak, and we know what we know; and then we filter that same knowledge to others in wrongfully assuming we “know” them as well… Only God, our Abba (Heavenly Father), our Creator truly knows us and them. And the greatest freedom you can gift yourself with is letting that “knowledge” and ability in doing that go! Put it at the foot of the cross and pray that the Holy Spirit will radically stop you from doing this, while Jesus fully cleanses your thoughts and re-establishes within you what you truly need to know as you turn to Him moment by moment. By freely choosing to do this you then make yourself more reliant on God because you turn first to Him when you need to speak with someone, you turn first to Him when issues arise that make you nauseous with heartache, you turn first to Him before you do anything. He is our Creator, and frankly what do we really know as created beings? May you strongly desire to want to only know what God wants, needs, and would like for you to know because the knowledge, wisdom, and truth He will have His Holy Spirit whisper or speak to you will be exactly what you will need to break all limits and barriers from your life, as well as your loved ones, and will fully bring you through the greater victory in Him while the Holy Spirit keeps you firmly living in Jesus!