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Have you ever talked yourself out of something, or imagined that a problem was something more than what it really was? Or even the opposite, thinking that a problem was smaller than what it really was? Do you know that stubbornness and defensiveness can cause you to reject a blessing someone is trying to give you? There are many instances in our lives that we are reminded that we really do not know what is going to happen next, nor what is really wrong with our situations, and we really do not know ourselves nor others. So what are we supposed to do? Turn to God and freely choose to not walk in the darkness without your Light. God is our Creator, He is omniscient and omnipotent (all-knowing and all-powerful). He is the only one that truly knows what is going on. Didn’t He even remind Job of that by listing some of the things that only He can do and provide? The spiritual world is greater than the physical world and thoughts are spiritual. We need to cultivate our relationship with the Lord as a priority in our life, making Him the very breath we breathe. Through Him and by Him is all things, and when you place Him first, He has a beautiful, miraculous way of healing and strengthening your other important relationships, bringing fullness and wholeness into them. Pray that the Lord will help you receive more of Him in your life each day, and rest assure in knowing that God loves you more than anyone else ever could. He is greater than your mind, and He will reveal what He needs to for you because you look to Him. It may take more time and it may take more in-depth cleansing, but firmly and boldly decide to yield completely to God so the Holy Spirit can instill within you a powerful depth of knowledge and belief in knowing that God is in all of the details of your life, and He will do whatever it takes to draw you even closer to Him. Rest in Jesus’ arms, listen intently to the Holy Spirit and know that your Abba is turned towards you as you stay-the-course.