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Moment by moment living, mutually giving and receiving with Jesus brings you to a place where you go through the beautiful process of becoming fully reliant on your Heavenly Father, which is His will for your life and right where He wants you to be. This life, here in the natural, is just a preparation for an eternity with Him, and when we go through hardships, heartaches, pitfalls, valleys, mountains, crashes, and untold amazing and horrifying experiences, as we freely choose to fully live moment by moment in Jesus we are able to spiritually see that the Holy Spirit secures us to Jesus, whispers Divine wisdom and knowledge needed for each issue or problem preparing us before, during and after the crisis, while Jesus heals our thoughts and our minds, and fills us with what we lack, and holds us even tighter so that we may firmly stand in front of what we face. At the same time He strengthens us to stay the course and not faint. Only your Abba, Heavenly Father, knows exactly what you have need of so may you freely choose to become fully yielding and reliant on Him by actively acknowledging the Lord and living in His presence. Moment by moment living, mutually giving and receiving from Jesus is living and dwelling in Divine victory! Shabbat Shalom!