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We no longer stand alone, we no longer look to the impossibilities, we no longer shudder in the face of fear, we no longer glide in and out of situations without specifically learning something valuable for our walk on earth and our relationship with God, we no longer strive for acceptance, nor approval, we no longer rush in and out of situations, we no longer wonder if our prayers are heard, we no longer stand alone. We see things more clearly each day, we see the possibilities, we see the victory over all spirits of the enemy, we glide in and out of situations victoriously although we may not physically see them because we are drawn even closer to God, we know all that matters is that we actively turn to Jesus and are readily accepted by Him. We experience situations, but are not undone by them, we know our prayers our heard~we stand in power. As Jesus physically holds us steady, the Holy Spirit fills us while God, our Abba, lovingly keeps His countenance turned towards us. We are not perfect and we rejoice because we know we will never be because we deeply know that only Jesus can make us completely whole and well, which is God’s perfect design for us. We are each uniquely and wonderfully made to a point that only God knows exactly what we need to hear, see, or experience all designed to draw us even closer to Him. We are overcomers because we actively live in Jesus, we see our identities resting solely with our Creator, our Heavenly Father. We may appear powerless and greatly affected by this world of destruction, but inwardly there is a strength that cannot even begin to be accepted, nor compared, in this limited world where we temporarily dwell. Take a deep breath, smile, and look inwardly to Jesus who is always waiting to fellowship with you, and physically look to the sky and let your body respond to the power you release when you lift your arms up high and loudly proclaim, “I am a child of The King, and He is greater than all things.”