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God, our Abba, is the Creator of all things. Have you ever deeply wondered what you could possibly give Him because He is so precious to you? Not even the best quality cut diamond, nor the best gold, nor anything of this world could possibly be enough to give Him for all that He is and does. But think about it, what does the Great I Am really want? You. His beloved child. Now…are you able to give Him that? He has perfectly and wonderfully designed even our bodies to be able to fully accept Him while we freely choose Him over all things. When we take this time, while on earth, to turn to Him, our relationship with Him is able to develop while trust is built; and then our spiritual eyes begin to heal and we intimately see that He humbly allows Himself to go through the suffering, the hardships, all the problems, issues, and circumstances with us so that we can learn what a beautiful, omniscient, omnipotent Heavenly Father we have while we become more fully connected to Him. Our time on earth is a vital part in developing our relationship with Him, but the issues of this world, since the current prince of this world is the enemy, would rather take our focus from Him, and not let us know Him on a deeper level, nor allow us to clearly see Him. They know they have already lost, but they still would like to deeply wound our Abba, and how can they do that? By trying to take our time away from getting to know Him and allowing Jesus to build trust and faith within us. But when you freely choose to actively live in Jesus’ presence, as He cleanses you from all sin, the Holy Spirit becomes more powerful within you, and each time you turn to Him, the Holy Spirit is able to feed you and nourish you precisely how you need to be nourished through each and every situation. Praise Jesus you are intimately and powerfully surrounded by the Great I Am, regardless of what you go through, because you are giving Him the greatest gift you can, yourself! Shabbat Shalom!