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There is a force more powerful than the physical world that we are currently dwelling in. It is spiritual, and no, not all things spiritual is of God, it must contain Jesus and only the Holy Spirit can personally guide you and instruct you through them. Now, have you ever gotten to where you just can’t explain something; you can’t voice it into mere words, either good or bad? Well, what a beautiful place to be in because you are intimately experiencing that God is greater than all things! I used to basically beat myself up trying to explain why I was experiencing another physical health issue, another allergy to my multiple list of medicines that is only seemingly compiling more and more, or why this is happening for the good or bad, or why I need to share this with that person and yes, most times I was completely wrong! Well, I wore myself out and needlessly hit myself with my own rusty, disease infected arrows. I didn’t need help from the enemy because I did it to myself! And little did I realize at the time that the Holy Spirit was bringing me through a lot of that so that I would just finally turn to Him and fully throw my hands up in the air and say “Okay, I can’t explain it, I can’t reason it out, I can’t understand it. And guess what? I don’t need to! Praise Jesus!” What victory, and powerful freedom I experienced because I finally gave up to Him! I realized fully, intimately, and so deeply that I am limited, but my Abba is not! I knew it all along in my mind, but something radically changed when I physically did that, and from that point on it seemed that the Holy Spirit had even more open access into my life, which I desperately needed and wanted. So may you boldly find yourself stop trying to voice into words all things concerning your life, some things just can’t be put into words and we limit them when we do because we don’t see the bigger picture, only God does. It isn’t “it is what it is,” that is false teaching~there is always more of a depth to it, we are just limited, but should we need to know more? Praise, worship and rejoice because our Abba will make sure we hear and know it when we need to as we cling completely to Jesus!