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The Holy Spirit will be able to become the very breath you breathe when you turn to Jesus as a daily lifestyle, moment by moment as you look to Jesus first, you ask Him first, you see Him first… Your mind becomes unsettled, you turn to Jesus to heal your thoughts, for He is the Lord of your mind. Your body aches and feels awful, you turn to Jesus for direction in what you should do, for He is the Lord of your body. Your life seems hectic, you turn to Jesus for direction in how to simplify it, for He is the Lord of your life. Your friends, or family, are mad at you, you turn to Jesus and rest, waiting for His direction in how you should respond, which will provide healing to those relationships, for He is Lord of you. May you consciously be aware that Jesus is the continuous breath you need, and allow Jesus to completely become Lord of your life, Lord of every moment you have breath within your body so that you will be more than ready for an eternity with Him. Our God is beyond this world, for He is greater than all things, and may you intimately know what it is to have His Spirit breathe for you, for only He can miraculously provide that to you because we are all individually unique and so very different. No one’s path is the same, only your Creator truly knows you! Rejoice and turn to Jesus, so His cleansing ways can set you up to receive more of Him as you ask for forgiveness and freely choose to be led by Him instead of by yourself.