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Little pebbles, little nuisances, little issues, little problems… what a beautiful time to stop what you are doing, go into a quiet place alone, and either lay down, or sit, and turn inwardly to Jesus. You felt the change, you felt the way you inwardly got agitated, and the shift from peace to the beginnings of being worked up. Ask Him to heal you from the effects of those things, then take a deep breath and praise and worship Him. A miraculous healing begins to take place because you are positioning yourself to receive from Him. Whenever you freely choose to stop what you are doing and turn to Jesus, you are freely choosing to allow Him to become Lord of your life in a deeper, more meaningful way. “Rising above your circumstances” can only be accomplished when you turn to Jesus, and choose Him, life, over your feelings, which lead to death, separation. When you actually experience this, and turn to Him at the smallest opportunities on a daily basis, it actually becomes a major part of your lifestyle and when the bigger issues come, you will be able to confidently turn to Him and receive what He wants to gift you with, instead of drowning in uncertainty and hopelessness. And regardless of the outcome of that bigger problem, you deeply know that you are dwelling in His supernatural peace and discover a deep desire you actually have, and may have never known it, which is: all you truly ever wanted is Jesus. And then the Holy Spirit begins to journey you deeper within your relationship with Him, able now to reveal even more to you~”You are His; and He is yours!” Praise Jesus, our Abba truly knows all that we have need of and only He can provide it when we freely turn to Him!