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The tension builds within you, and you continue to firmly look to Jesus, but sometimes it doesn’t stop, instead, it continues to build even more within you until something finally triggers a response from you, and you find words flow from your mouth, words you normally wouldn’t have voiced. Then you continue to firmly look to Jesus while He impresses upon you to just walk away from the situation. Although you may think that your voiced reaction was a failure within yourself, or another mess up by you, do not trust in what you perceive, just wait and allow the Holy Spirit to provide you with what you need to know about what had happened. And at the same time, know that the words you spoke may be just what that person needed to hear, which then will eventually trigger healing into their behavior and situation that they may not even perceive as a problem. And the beauty of it all, even though you may not see the healed results right away? Is that you realize that God is greater than all things, and He loves you so deeply and you, as His beloved child, matter to Him. Don’t beat yourself up in trying to figure out if what you said was correct, instead look to Jesus and expect Him to provide the healing needed to correct what is wrong in the situation, relationship, or circumstance, and continue to wait on Him, knowing that Jesus is your source for all things. We will be affected by tension, anger, and frustration, but it is our free-will choice to bring healing into those situations, and we do that simply by choosing to turn to Him, which then allows Him to become Lord of that problem, situation, or relationship. Only Jesus is the way to truth and life, to unity and healing. Praise God, He surely does want to be in all of the tiny details of our lives, and He is able to be when we turn to Him in all things!