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The list of questions of why, how, or what am I going to do, can go on, and on, but nothing will actually be accomplished until you correctly, and intimately, turn to Jesus within you. You need to remember that we have limited minds, limited bodies, limited ways, and we live in a limited world. Instead of wasting precious time in trying to question or figure it all out, and wrongly self-condemning yourself, which can actually build strongholds in your mind and block the Lord out of it, you need to look to Him and deeply crave to be fully yielded to Him. Simplify your situation, take each moment and turn to Jesus, within you, and as He cleanses you, the Holy Spirit is able to build within you knowledge and wisdom when you need it. This knowledge and wisdom often bypasses our minds, and is instilled deep within us. Your wrong thinking begins to be healed and changed, because you are reminded that you are a child of the Most High God, and all that is in your life is now in His sovereign will because you actively live in Jesus’ presence. A desire to get to know your Abba intensifies from deep within you, and you find yourself asking the Holy Spirit to teach you what you need to learn as you go through the experience, instead of getting you out of it. In response, the Holy Spirit may even remind you over and over again, of times He victoriously brought you through different things, which become instances where your feet are more securely held in place as the storm rages around you. And suddenly you deeply realize that physically, mentally and emotionally going through the experience, which was at first a huge, unscalable wall in front of you, is now seen as an amazing instance where you deeply discovered your Abba’s deep love for you because He painfully, and with long-suffering, allowed you to go through it because He knew how you would be on the other side, which deepened your relationship, your trust, and above all, your reliance on Him. Had He taken you out of it, you would have missed the experience needed to bring you closer to Him. Praise God, He surely is in the tiny details of our lives!