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A rest is needed, and is a vital part of our life, it deeply instills within us the powerful glory of God’s deep unconditional love for us. It is not selfish to withdraw and spend time alone. You can actually give and give of yourself and become completely depleted, and then what happens? Self condemnation, and sometimes even resentment set in. Just because you are doing “good” does not mean it is always from the Lord, nor that the Lord would like for you to do that. What He would like is for you to come to Him, personally, privately, and let Him minister to you, let Him cleanse you, prepare you, strengthen you, and bring you to a place that you are more aware of Him than anything else because only then will you clearly see the amazing truth of Philippians 4:13~’I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.’ So many Christians are actually going powerless, yes they know in their minds that they contain the mystery of the Gospel, Christ within them, but they are not actually experiencing that, tapping into that connection by going to Him first, or actively living in His presence so they become worn out, overly worked, and completely drained. And because of that, it opens them up even more to unbelief, doubts, and places blocks between them and the Lord. Yes, you still will grow tired and weary, but that is signs of spiritual hunger, and the Lord allows that so that you will go into your rest, praise Him, and wait on Him to heal you. As our Shepherd, only Jesus can bring forth the boldness needed, and point out where a need is. Just because you readily see a need does not mean that person is ready for you to help them, even though they may be loudly crying for help, within they are not truly ready. But then there could be someone that looks like they have it all together, and inside they are pleading for help to the Lord. Only the Holy Spirit can correctly show you the need, prepare you, give you the boldness needed, and provide you the way to release His truth, His help, and His love into their life, or plant the seed within them. Which then becomes a two-edged sword because it helps to strengthen their faith, as well as yours by letting you know that yes, you correctly heard from Him. That also keeps you completely dependent, and connected to your Sole-Provider, strengthens your relationship with Him, and destroys the ability of self-righteousness, and makes sure that there is no way you could ever deny your source, nor take credit for what you do because it is all rooted and grounded in Him. Praise Jesus, a rest is surely needed and desired! Shabbat Shalom!