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May you never identify yourself with your weakness: the health problems, issues, addictions, problems, failures, nor anything else that is not of God. May you only identify yourself with Jesus~your Strength. Problems, issues, circumstances, and situations that we encounter are particularly designed to specifically draw us closer to our Heavenly Father in how we, individually, need them to. Yes, there are consequences to our actions, words, decisions, and choices, and God allows for that and ofttimes will not “take us out” of those problems, but instead has us go through the valley we inadvertently helped to create while whispering to us to turn to Jesus. And during that time, as our minds turn and focus on Jesus, He is able to cleanse us so He can divinely work through us. Going through those processes, or experiences, helps to build Divine faith and confidence within us and strengthens our spirit, which then surprisingly leads us to discover that we are no longer clinging to our physical life, but are clinging to Jesus and are actually living His resurrected life. That is why that as our bodies deteriorate, and the world around us shifts from what we are used to, and even as the spiritual battle wages and manifests itself in the flesh, we can still miraculously praise and worship God because we are intimately and privately experiencing the healthy, powerful, and limitless environment we are spiritually dwelling in as we actively live in Jesus. What a powerful, amazing and miraculous way to live, and what a powerful reason to fully obey in all things because God wants more for you than you could possibly imagine. Remember, not all spiritual things are of God, it is only of God when Jesus is involved, and allowing God to bring your life into His sovereign will opens you up to receive His intimately private, limitless communications with you because you are looking to Him for all things, and He has become your Sole-Provider. Praise Jesus, God is greater than all things!