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Uncertainty, chaos, unsettling issues, bad reports from doctors, and heart-stopping news that forcefully makes your life, as you are familiar with, to freeze in time and radically shift to something you never expected, nor understand, are all around us~in TV shows, on the news, in our own lives, and even in the grocery stores. It is part of this lifetime on earth, and as the Bible explains, the prince of this world is our enemy, but what you need to remember, above ALL things, is that our Abba, our Heavenly Father, the Great I Am, is not a God of any of these and He passionately wants to instill within us that He truly is greater than all things! But if you do not choose to freely turn to Jesus, and allow Him to draw you closer to Himself, you will never experience that, nor truly and very deeply know that. You have to understand, God, the Great I Am, dislikes chaos, and only Jesus can inwardly heal our unsettling feelings, our uncertainties, or the chaos that battles all around us designed to turn our focus away from Jesus and to make us doubt, but He can only do that when we use our free-will choice to choose Him and fully yield ourselves to Him. Jesus wants to clearly show us, privately and intimately, that He is Lord of our lives, if we freely choose Him on a daily basis. Jesus has already conquered the battles, however, by us going through them, we learn firsthand the faithfulness of Jesus, which builds trust and faith deeply within us and allows for Him to shine even brighter in our lives as He intimately guides us, and miraculously overpowers all things we encounter. Look to your Jesus as you feel the negative feelings, and let Him heal you from them while asking Him to allow you to hear the Holy Spirit even more so you may learn from them since you already know by now that your life is in the sovereign will of God. Only then will you be rejuvenated and strengthened to stay-the-course in this life, eagerly anticipating your full, physical reunion with your Abba. And remember, resting in Jesus intimately shows Him your desire for wanting to be fully yielded to Him, Shabbat Shalom. Praise Jesus!