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An honest step, an honest comment, an honest word, a free-will choice towards honesty opens you up, heals layers that may or may not be there, within you, and allows you to receive healing in your heart, mind, thoughts, and circumstances. That opening keeps you open to receiving even more, as you actively turn to Jesus and allow Him to guide you and intimately mold you to continue taking those honest steps, even all the way down to the tiniest detail in your life. However, a lying step, a lying comment, a lying word, a free-will choice towards lying, closes you, adds a layer on top of other ones sealing your problems within and closing your heart, almost suffocating it, spiritually blinding you and not allowing you to receive healing in your heart, mind, thoughts, nor the ability to release that healing into your circumstances. A step in honesty allows us to go where Jesus desires to lead us, which is deeper and closer to our Abba. People often say that being truthful, or saying the truth is hard because they can easily see that the tiniest lies seem to provide an escape from dealing with things or people you are not ready to deal with, but in reality when you look to Jesus and you see the amazing healing results and actual happenings of self-disciplining your life to this extent, you will find that it becomes so much easier to tell the truth only because Jesus helps you, strengthens you, and teaches you, and He is able to do so because you are choosing Him, life (unity), over the lies, which can only lead to death (separation); clearly communicating to Jesus that you are actively choosing Him to be Lord of your life and are trusting only in Him because you are freely choosing to put the whole circumstance into God’s hands. Praise Jesus for His loving, cleansing ways and for intimately guiding us so that we may go where He desires to take us. Matthew 15:18~’But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.’ Let the Holy Spirit safeguard your heart by freely choosing truth…Shabbat Shalom!