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If you don’t answer your phone, the door, nor unroll your window, you will not hear from whomever would like to speak with you, regardless of the availability of advanced technology or the very real, physical presence of that person. It is your free-will choice. We were born and raised in this physical world, so we do have certain expectations about how and when we “think,” “need,” or “want” to hear from someone. But if we look to Jesus with that same outlook, and expect that same type of response, we will experience a full-fledged disconnect. And that is not because we are awful sinners (or not loved), but it is because God love’s us more than anyone else ever could and will not allow us to settle for limited results. With long-suffering, Divine patience and unconditional love, God waits for us to freely choose Him by asking Jesus to cleanse us from all previously conceived notions of how we “expect” to hear from Him, for He has gifted us with of our greatest Provision, Jesus, our Shepherd. The only One that knows the way to bring our communications with Him to a deeper level while we are still physically living apart from Him, instead of waiting until we get to Heaven. It all centers right on Jesus, but if you do not freely turn to Jesus, which then freely opens up the connection to communication, a disconnect will remain. God, omniscient and omnipotent, has limitless communications, everything is at his disposal, Who else, during an horrific experience, can possibly gift you with an image of a slight brush across your heart, and suddenly allow you to know His thoughts, ‘I am here, with you. Be still and know that I am God.’ Putting a limit on God’s communications with you painfully limits your quality of life, and only Jesus can truly set you free. It is your free-will choice, and when made, has limitless cleansing, healing and comforting results~Our Abba, our Master Communicator, waits expectantly to intimately communicate with you. Praise Jesus, you are fully yielded, thereby fully open to whatever way He wishes to communicate with you!