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#8~Communicating the Tenderness of ProtectionUnited States Secret Service Special Agent Priscilla Lockman is an active part of her family’s legacy, and all she has ever known or has ever been able to see before her is a career in the service.  But things are beginning to rapidly change: spiritually, she finds herself turning more towards Jesus, and experiencing Him beyond just reading about Him, while physically, her previous injuries are threatening her career and mobility.  Standing at a crossroad where a gorgeously confident man keeps popping up and creating havoc with her overly sensitive feelings, her outer world suddenly seems way too unfamiliar so her eyes shift away and instead, turns toward the Mystery of the Gospel, Christ within her, and finds that her daily commitment unleashes countless treasures beyond her limited mind.

Tech savvy Special Agent Brantley Wilkins, aka Techy, has a major problem that no one foresaw.  He can clearly see the issues, blocks, and even the tiny dust particles creating communication errors while seeing Jesus first, as the Holy Spirit guides his fingers and reveals the answers for error messages almost before they’re projected, but he has no idea how to fix his own personal error message.  He painfully knows that healthy communication involves requests and responses, and tech responses are easily deleted, but verbal responses are way more powerful in every sense of the words spoken.  And despite the fact that Priscilla’s sweet, innocent face commands his heart to wildly beat within him, he has a major obstacle standing in the way, her family, who are even more protective than the CAT guys.

I hope you have found your own life being radically transformed by Jesus, moment by moment living in Him is the only way to truly live. I hope you have enjoyed #7~The Unfailing Hope of Protection, and look forward to this one! I’ll keep you posted!