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Yes, there are consequences to our actions, decisions, and words, but to think that we are locked in them, and the consequences, is to wrongly think that Jesus’ blood isn’t strong enough to cleanse them. We gain confidence, faith, and trust in God as we learn through our experiences, and intimately, our connection to Jesus is strengthened as we go through hardships with Him, even though most hardships are actually our own doing. We inwardly look to Him, allowing Him to instruct us every step of the way while we do experience the consequences, which is the way a mature, overcomer would. Yes, we can easily see where the change needed to be made, where we should have stopped, however, that is our mind battling to make sense of something that is too late to change. Your decision on letting your mind to wrongfully dwell on the ‘what ifs,’ and hitting yourself with rusty regret arrows will not accomplish anything but hurt, depression, degradation, and all things not of God, blocking you from His communications in trying to position you to fully receive His unconditional love that is always present. A choice needs to be made, do you want facts? Or do you want truth? Truth is not based on our minds, or the ability to associate and apply knowledge. Truth is truth regardless of what we think, and has the vital power to effectively free you from all problems, and it will never weaken, nor change because our Abba is truth. We choose Jesus, we choose truth, and although our minds will attempt to trip us up and tell us “no, that can’t happen,” “that is not possible,” we self-discipline ourselves and instead choose to smile, lift our arms high, and rejoice because we see the beautiful cross, where all things were conquered. Praise Jesus, we are truly dwelling in the shelter of God’s protection regardless of what we physically go through; we are eternal beings and our spiritual lives are firmly sealed in Him and this life will fade and end, but His life in us never will! ‘John 8:36~If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.’