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Confidence and trust in Jesus isn’t built through knowledge in our minds, it is built deep within us through our experiences with Him as we turn to Him moment by moment. Our precious Bible contains all truths we need to victoriously get through this physical life, and as we learn them, read them and meditate on them, we open ourselves up allowing the Holy Spirit to remind us of them and apply them when we are faced with little irritants all the way up to major physical life and death experiences. Little steps are actually huge steps. Our minds get attacked, and run rampant with suggestions and thoughts and self-disciplining ourselves to trust in what Jesus says over what we are thinking is so important. Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith. Allow Him to rise you above your problems, uncertainties, circumstances, and issues by refusing to allow your mind to tirelessly shift and catalog thoughts, feelings, facts. Instead, self-discipline yourself to look only to Jesus, as the issues and problems with “why am I going through this?” or the “what-ifs,” and regrets over what tomorrow might bring speak in your mind. Make sure your praises become louder than anything you are experiencing. Start small by not allowing for little irritants to become a frustrating thing for you. Moment by moment turning to Jesus places you in a position to receive moment by moment cleansing, strengthening, wisdom, confidence, trust, healing, guidance, and unconditional love directly from Abba through Jesus. Praise Jesus for His intimate guidance that He greatly desires to do in each of His Beloved’s lives as we freely choose to turn to Him. Praise Jesus!