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Too often than not, Sacrificing has become a bad word because we know that we must deny something we want, but do you even realize that your eternity rests completely in one complete, ultimate sacrifice? How does it sound now? And you meet God at the point of sacrificing, so why would you want to stop that meeting? It is a meeting that then can become a continual dwelling, a continuous, powerful relationship. Yes, there are desires of the flesh, in every area of your life, and your mind battles against what you want and what you shouldn’t want. And you are actually blessed if you can tell the difference because there are some that can’t, and the more you give in to the flesh the more that area becomes shaded because the more you have chosen death, separation, over life, unity with God, which changes your perceptions. What is happening is that the truth is being drowned out by selfishness and lies, and you are unable to hear from God because you are choosing to turn away from Him. And if you are thinking of the marital bed, well, God knows our fleshy passions and in that beautiful commitment, a living sacrifice to each other, the Bible even states that nothing can defile the marital bed where you intimately learn about each other, which strengthens your private relationship. Sacrificing is actually miraculous because within yourself you don’t have the strength to do so, but with the Holy Spirit you do, and as that free-will choice is made, blessings flow because sacrificing allows for confidence, trust, faith, and strength to be built within you, which will then see you through this life and through eternity. And as you live this way, you find that what most would consider sacrificing is no longer so with you because Jesus has become your First Love, your relationship with Him has taken priority in your life, and you will do all you can to continue having a deeper relationship with Him. He truly is, in all areas, now Lord of your life! Praise Jesus~Shabbat Shalom!