When our hope is based in this world, it is actually based in death, separation from God. But when our hope is based on Jesus, our Shepherd, our Sacrificial Lamb, who is actually our complete Armor of God, we look to Him before all things, and our hope is then based in life, unity with God, regardless of what your mind is telling you. Things of the spiritual world are greater than those of the flesh, do not allow yourself to get locked in the here and now because you will not be able to clearly see Jesus. However, regardless of what you are experiencing, if you freely choose Jesus, make your relationship a priority with Him in every aspect of your life this then will allow the Holy Spirit to begin to clear your spiritual vision so that you may more clearly see that through Christ all things are truly possible. The more time you spend with the Lord, the more intimately you experience that God, your Abba, loves you more than anyone else ever could, and although you think this needs to happen, that needs to happen, or this needs to change, that needs healed, or this does, only He truly knows the problems, which most likely are actually based beyond the physical healing. During the physical struggles, an amazing, overwhelming strength of hope, confidence, and trust is built when you freely choose Jesus, choose to look at Him, and choose to experience Him more than what you, or a loved one are physically going through. That is when He is able to show you, just how great and limitless He is! Your hope then? A surety, a certainty, something you know will take place when it needs to take place because you are more clearly seeing your Savior, your Jesus. He wants to fully set you free so that you will become fully connected to Him beyond the flesh, fully confident that He is your full armor standing before you in the midst of all of the battles and experiences you experience in this world. Praise Jesus!