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Doesn’t our Shepherd have to speak to us in order to correctly lead us? Communication is a necessity, and I am sure you are aware of the horrible results of having a lack of communication in your life. How can we possibly stay-the-course in this life, being the overcomer the Bible intently tells us to be, if we don’t communicate with Him and expect a response? However, do not limit Him and “expect” His responses to be what you want them to be, or what you think they should be, nor in a time limit that you think you need. Let go of your limited ideas regarding communication, and ask Jesus to cleanse you of all preconceived notions, teachings and all things that would stand in the way, then thank Him and praise Him for doing that, while asking Him to teach you to hear and recognize His voice, as you continue to actively live in His presence. Responses come in limitless ways: a comment made by someone else inspired by the Holy Spirit, a Bible verse remembered that specifically speaks to you over what you are going through, the movement or shifting of something in your life after you obediently respond to an image, or impression, of something you should do, or a choice you should make. The list of responses are endless, and, yet, are so uniquely, individually designed for each of us. You may be the only one that sees a certain response in a certain way, which then can be an added confirmation regarding your deepening relationship with Jesus. Our Bible, alone, reveals over and over again that our God is a communicating God. So, may you speak to Jesus, worship and Praise Him over all things and expect a response while the Holy Spirit teaches you how to effectively, Divinely communicate. Praise Jesus!