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A Deeper Life, a Deeper Living: You were led to repent, accepted Jesus as your Savior and became a Christian, a “follower of Christ.” And as you follow Him, you realize that being a Christian is not a religion, nor was it ever designed to be, but it is a Divine relationship. The most vital relationship you could ever have, and you know there is still more, but you don’t understand anything past turning to Jesus, which is all you need! As your physical world goes from trial after trial, confusion after confusion, it does what it needs to do, help you to discover that you need Jesus beyond anything this world has to offer! And letting go of all things “you thought were true, were right, or acceptable,” is key as you begin to actively live in His presence, by continuously acknowledging Him. Prayer is no longer a formal affair, but an intimate, continuous open environment of communication with Jesus, which then makes you more intimately and personally aware of Jesus and His comforting, strengthening and healing presence, because you actively turn to Him for all things, which allows the Holy Spirit to instruct you. What is happening is that you are learning to live in His resurrected life, and are actively experiencing the “mystery of the gospel~Christ within us.” You are actively living a life in continuous fellowship with your Savior, you are living in Jesus, and clearly seeing that yes, God is greater than all things, and loves you more than anyone else ever could!