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Your intimate, and continuously open environment of communication with Jesus remains open through your free-will choices, and this allows the Holy Spirit to clear your spiritual vision as you need it. Each situation, problem, and issue you physically encounter becomes something all together different than how your physical eyes first see it, or how your mind thinks it knows it. You inwardly rejoice and smile, because you now know that all of those issues are particularly designed to specifically draw you closer to God, so that your relationship with Him will deepen. For your life is in the sovereign will of your Creator! So now, looking out through your physical eyes, you suddenly are able to see the sharp contrast between the limited, deteriorating, and powerless physical body and world you are physically living in, as opposed to the amazingly limitless, powerful, encompassing spiritual world that you are freely choosing to actively dwell in with Jesus. You are seeing a limitless eternity over this limited world. And now you know, more than just within your mind, of Philippians 4:13~ “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me,” as the Holy Spirit begins to teach you how to manifest that truth into the limiting, physical world, bringing His Divine victory into all aspects of your life, while your eyes are only focused on Jesus~Praise Jesus, God is greater than all things!