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God’s Holy Word: In every moment, the Lord strongly desires to enable us through the storms, and battles in life, so that we may receive a deeper healing than what is merely needed on the surface. It is a healing that unites our relationship with Him on a deeper level as He is faithfully with us through the issues in our life. The real problem we are experiencing generally lies deeper than what we are physically going through, but when our focus remains completely on the physical struggle, it becomes a roadblock that we can’t see our way past. Instead, freely choose to focus on Jesus because only He can manifest His resurrected life through us, and instruct us through the storms. When we fully yield our lives to Abba, Jesus is able to heal us in how we need to be healed, which then shows us God’s Truth in an even deeper way, and heals our focus, and our spiritual eyes so that we can see where we are going, which is way beyond our limited minds, and understanding, because it is deeper in our Abba, our Heavenly Father. What affects us, affects Him! Praise Jesus, for cleansing us, healing us, and shepherding us.